Strategic Thinking Workshop and competitive innovation

Program Content:

 Models of strategic thinking.

Current business paradigms and mechanisms for strategic innovation.

Process and key elements of strategic planning

. •Strategic Vision

• Strategic analysis

• Mission Vision – Values

• Business Model

• Value Chain

Methodology for Strategic Plan

Measuring and monitoring aimed at achieving results.

Changes in the basis of competitiveness: to imagine and innovate.

• Competitive Position Matrix s / Life Cycle

• Value Proposition

Business cases on strategic innovation.

Action Plans


Effectiveness Workshop Organizational Change Management


Program content



• Basics.

• Principles of interpersonal relationships.

• Internal and External Forces.

• It requires an organizational change Work Teams


Basic characteristics of effective teams.

• The motivation and achievement.

• Interpersonal relationships and organizational climate.

• Conflict and negotiation.


Characteristics of an effective and efficient leader

•Can lead and supervise?

• The leader and the environment.

•Managing the change.

•The achievement orientation and change.


Managing change and transition

• Emotional aspect.

• The dimensions of change.

• Preparing for change conditions.

Tools to support the Change Management Structure to facilitate change processes