Corporate Finance

Enterprise Management International offers a wide range of corporate finance advisory services to help your companies with your critical finance and operations functions. Whether you are trying to turn around stagnant operations, seeking new ideas for your next phase of growth, or exploring ways to expand through mergers and acquisitions domestically or internationally, we at Enterprise Management International can help.

As our experienced professionals have been actively involved in numerous organizations in both US and the Latin-American. to explore opportunities, analyze risks, evaluate growth plans, and execute expansion strategies, we understand the challenges firms of different sizes face and what it will take to maximize shareholder returns.

We bring innovative ideas into each situation and apply an approach that integrates both global best practices and large-company methodology. We are your premier business advisors with extensive global resources and a diversified industry experiences that will help you navigate an increasingly complex business landscape.

  • Business Valuation Service
  • Corporate Development Advisory
  • Merger Integration Advisory
  • Selling businesses
  • Buying a business
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuing businesses and intangible assets for a comprehensive list of needs
  • Business planning and financial modeling
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