Management Training

 Workshop Strategic thinking and innovation


Provides managers and practitioners with a comprehensive view of the functional areas of the organization with a strategic approach. It allows them to develop leadership skills, enhance negotiation skills, presentation and decision making skills that enhance personal manager today in order to develop an innovative approach that enhances the development of new business models and enhance competitive Vision Global and strategic company and identify key strategic market for the future


Creativity Workshop for improving business competitiveness


Designed to improve productivity and competitiveness of your business, using the most appropriate tools and techniques and successful to achieve its objectives by promoting actions to enhance and promote the creative spirit in organizations for the development of new products, processes and services and to improve existing ones, in order to meet the needs of customers, both external and internal and establish methods and tools to identify, model and define organizational processes in order to ensure effective and efficient management .



Workshop on Strategic Alignment and change management


Develop and implement a strategy and evaluation of resistance to change before, during and after the process of change, with workers can realize the importance of their work and committed to their work, develop methodologies to achieve strategy change management, internalized by all members of the organization with the decisions taken at all levels, dynamic knowledge of business strategy, motivation and sense of belonging, to allow today’s organizations to ensure more success of any change process


Workshop Efficiency in managing organizational change


Provide participants with a methodology to design and implement change in their organizations and facilitate awareness of the importance of change, to turn it into an opportunity to create a proactive behavior and human talent in organizations, recognizing the importance change as a necessity within organizations and in his person, identify the elements that influence for a change, present a model for change management and implementation tools for implementing change.


Workshop on Family Business Management and Government


Provides fundamental concepts related to the management and direction of family businesses, and the various processes and tools to efficiently conduct these companies. management tools in order to professionalize family business members and install the importance of succession planning through consensus agreements between family members and the company, and provides a forum for exchange for business founders and members family currently performing functions of management and leadership, promoting reflection on the various challenges facing family businesses and creating a deeper dialogue on possible avenues for growth and development.


Workshop training management consultants


It provides a learning experience facilitating the identification of business opportunities as it combines the best practice approach and the study of practical tools for immediate application in the management of their projects, as well as the knowledge needed to develop and apply the skills acquired for the development of the organization’s internal processes for project management, is a rigorous academic and formal workshop, which will take participants from the basics to advanced tools for project planning and control.


Management Development Workshop for Public Administration


The course develops the innovative aspects of modern management science, applied to the context of the current Public Management, where public management becomes a challenge, a challenge, compared to traditional management, with a focus on improving the skills of authorities, officials and professionals, related to public administration, in its various areas, national, regional and local authorities to improve leadership skills in the public service so that from management positions, to coordinate successful institutional policies to create synergies to achieve the attainment of Government goals



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