CMI International Group is an international consulting company specialized in negotiation, critical relationship management and dispute resolution. Our main office is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). We also have local offices in Uruguay and Argentina, and commercial representations in several Latin American countries.


Advantis Management Consulting is a strategic consulting firm focused on generating value for its customers in different functional areas of business management and organizations. Since its formation in 2003, Advantis has been establishing itself as a leader in this sector in Colombia and the Andean Region. Advantis is committed to its customers to provide strategic consulting services of high quality, and be the best ally of the management in making strategic decisions.


ARCO is a business consultant and management, which works to raise levels of competitiveness of Ecuadorian firms. We design and implement projects tailored to the needs of our clients, results-oriented company.

Marketingtec is a firm specializing in Marketing based in Uruguay, serving Latin American markets, must be the successful marketing of art and science combination. Art Without their science is Unnecessarily Increases risk. Science Without Art, without innovation generates proposals or attractive. Both should be aimed at one purpose: to allow your company to achieve objectives STI. To do this, MarketingTech, you find all the marketing services in one place You Need.


EXPORT USA is a consulting service specialized in the US Market. Our work and performance has allowed us to become effective INTERNATIONAL TRADE FACILITATORS that give service support to International Export/ Import  Companies interested and motivated to sell or buy  their products and services into the US Market in competitive and profitable way.


Eventos Aliados C.A. is a company that provides consulting services for corporate events nationally and internationally, our main objective is to advise companies in the logistics of its activities to provide all services needed to organize and promote your corporate event, training (Human Talent ), social and entertainment such as, openings, training, conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars, visits to important clients or staff incentives, meetings, fairs and special events, so we are a facilitator professional services and specialized care of all organizational aspects, so that the company can focus its efforts in serving their customers or guests, this will allow your company to more efficiently promote its image to ensure customer satisfaction a successful event.

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