Your organization must respond quickly to changing markets, products, or a regulatory environment. Your aggressive growth requires making substantial changes to old, inefficient processes. You are acquiring other companies and need to synchronize operations quickly. Your organization is contemplating investments in new technology and wants to ensure a maximum return on investment. Enterprise Management International working as a  Partner with customers to reach Success in a business environment impacted by World Events, technological developments, competitive threats, and high-demand customers, from sophisticated process Define Business Strategies towards an integrated improvement Value Chain To Transform Your Business and Internal Functions, Enterprise Management International has the experience to carry out the work.

These are services that we provide:

Our financial consulting services as an external CFO help our clients overcome the financial and strategic challenges that affect their business in an efficient and profitable manner. We support our clients in all aspects of strategic and financial management and help them not only to set and manage short, medium, and long-term goals, but also to achieve them.
Financial consulting services allow you to manage growth by analyzing the meaning of data and providing financial clarity, with a focus on business and financial strategy, we know how to use accounting and finance tools to help business owners make the best possible decisions.
We have experience in various industries and in all stages of the business, including start-up, high growth, transformation, and simple to complex M&A. We know how to identify your key business issues, prioritize them for you, and execute them for measurable results.

Some examples:

Financial projections and forecasts of the business plan
Budgets and estimates for tactical operations
New business or product modeling
Cash flow analysis
Financial statement analysis
Reorganization and cost analysis support
Expense reduction programs
Supplier analysis and negotiations
Modeling of alternative scenarios and sensitivity analysis
Training on best practices when needed

Business Coaching

Business coaching covers all the parts of running a successful business, such as leadership, achieving targets, sales, marketing, communication skills, planning, accountability, management, team building plus much more. If you are considering business coaching, then driving your business forward, and increasing sales and profitability is important to you.  You want to see improved results and reach greater levels of success, and much faster.  Well, now you can!

Business coaching is about making improvements and changes so that you and your business perform at a much higher level, continually growing.  These areas of growth occur both on a personal level, the way you run your business, and ultimately the profits you generate.  Business coaching helps to get the most out of your time, resources, and investments.   Although business coaching is regularly used when companies aren’t performing well, it’s also extremely beneficial when a company is successful to build on the success and take to an even high level.

Are you an Owner or Senior Executive or Manager? Coaching works to:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Identify opportunities and obstacles
  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Spark your curiosity and tap into your wildest imagination
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Identify the resources and the support you need
  • Create action plans
  • Make the best decisions
  • Acknowledge what you accomplish
  • Celebrate your wins early and often

Coaching with us will help you with:

  • Planning for Business Success
  • Defining vision, goals, and objections
  • Motivating yourself
  • Knowing where you are heading
  • Marketing and Selling
  • Developing self-awareness.
  • Identifying solutions to everyday problems
  • Fine-tuning your skill
  • Develop a Solid “Game” Plan
  • Be Outrageous
  • Identify and Maximize Your Business Ideas and Opportunities
  • Get Clarity
  • Understand You & Your Desires
  • Set Practical Goals
  • Be Challenged & Creative
  • Stay Focused and Keep On Track

Why should you hire Enterprise Management International as your Consultant?

Great question! Mr. Freddy Reyes was the Senior Partner of KPMG Management Consulting (Now Bearing Point), RSA Consulting and actually Managing Director of Enterprise Management International, Certified Business Coach of Richmond University as a business coach and consultant he had the opportunity to work with several hundred clients over the past few years and create amazing breakthroughs in implementable results!

  • Coaching
  • Assessing issues, challenges & problems
  • Defining vision, goals, and objections
  • Defining and implementing your brand strategy and message
  • Creating marketing and advertising that works
  • Suggesting and implementing solutions
  • Increasing employer and employee motivation, synergy and energy
  • Training C-Level executives and staff
  • Improving company work performance
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Defining and increasing your company lead funnel
  • Helping you create systems to systematize and automate your sales and marketing
  • Creating focus and clarity

Business Strategy 

Today’s most successful companies strive for a properly aligned organization structure, streamlined processes, and cost-effective technology. Where they often fail is aligning people, processes, and technology with their “big picture” business strategy. Aligning operations with strategy can differentiate a company’s value proposition as much or even more than product and service mix, pricing, or marketing because while strategy defines earnings potential, operations have a direct impact on actual earnings. By aligning operations with strategy, companies can maximize productivity, increase revenue generation, reduce costs, and create capacity for future growth with our Consulting Services: Our unique combination of hands-on experience, natural instincts, and practical methodology shows an audience how to turn challenges and critical issues into opportunities for growth and accomplishment.  Our unique audience-interactive speaking style and customized program hand-out materials deliver unparalleled bottom-line “Take-Away Value” that participants can use immediately.  Today’s top business professionals are already overworked and overwhelmed with existing priorities.  What they’re demanding are direct answers and solutions on how to solve their critical issues faster and permanently

Many companies suffer from the giant gap between the vision of the leadership team and what happens day-to-day in order to execute on strategy. Into that gap tumble millions of dollars in wasted effort, inefficiency and missed opportunities.

Experienced consultants help you determine which services would suit your needs and then work with you to tailor the offerings to your needs.

Strategy Session Facilitation. Whether at the board or leadership team level, sound execution begins with alignment. All of Project Leadership’s senior strategy consultants have the deep business expertise and well-honed facilitation skills required to ensure your next board or executive strategy session achieves optimum results. Getting you the concrete understanding of your strategy and the buy-in for it that you need to be able to execute.

Strategy  Development and Execution Planning. Use our proprietary, collaborative process to eliminate the ambiguity in your corporate strategy and create the foundation to get your entire company on the same page. Ensuring that you have a full picture of the resources needed to execute efficiently, the scope of change and specific groups affected, the capabilities assessment to identify any skills gaps that need to be closed, and a full change management plan to prevent productivity declines during implementation.  Creating a comprehensive plan to ensure that everyone who needs to execute gets the right message and understands the strategy and their role within it.

Our aim is to ensure that you have the tools to get the most from your growth strategy, your acquisitions, your innovation plans, and your longer-term operational processes. We want to help you get a clear view of the right talent for your particular goals, how you can tell if they are developing in the right direction and whether their talents are being used to best effect. Moreover, we want to assist you in getting the best value from your partnerships and alliances. You will maximize your value if they are clearly moving you toward your stated objectives and them


Achieve clear management consensus on business execution strategy and direction.

  • Improve communication with and buy-in from employees.
  • Enhance the ability to react more quickly to changing market conditions during execution.
  • Improve financial and business performance in the most strategic areas of the business.
  • Increase leverage and productivity from senior leaders and managers.
  • Improve the speed and reliability of decision-making and prioritization at all levels.
  • Increase clarity and accountability related to performance for individuals and teams

Business plan

Running or starting a business without a business plan is like walking through the dark without a flashlight. You can probably go a long way using just your senses and relying on basic instincts. But operating in such a manner leaves you wide open to the risk that something will get in your way (like a competitor) and you probably won’t see it until it is too late. And just imagine all of the opportunities that are just waiting to be grasped – but without a flashlight, ah sorry – business plan, how will you see and take advantage of them?
It describes every major aspect of the business, including products, services, marketing, staffing, and facilities. Financial projections are also central to any business plan. Since business plans are such good summaries of operations, lenders and investors demand to see them as tools for evaluating requests for financing.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is becoming an important strategic tool for business management, make better decisions and ultimately improve business performance, information is key to making the right business decisions at the right time.  create business intelligence solutions, can  reduce your information complexity, you gain a competitive advantage by making better, faster, more informed decisions.

Enterprises Management International offers a full set of services to help companies make the business journey successful. Bringing together our strategy expertise and technical savvy, we have developed a focused approach to developing and deploying successful business strategies.

Enterprise Management International offers a wide range of corporate finance advisory services to help your companies with your critical finance and operations functions. Whether you are trying to turn around stagnant operations, seeking new ideas for your next phase of growth, or exploring ways to expand through mergers and acquisitions domestically or internationally, we at Enterprise Management International can help.

As our experienced professionals have been actively involved in numerous organizations in both US and the Latin-American. to explore opportunities, analyze risks, evaluate growth plans, and execute expansion strategies, we understand the challenges firms of different sizes face and what it will take to maximize shareholder returns.

We bring innovative ideas into each situation and apply an approach that integrates both global best practices and large-company methodology. We are your premier business advisors with extensive global resources and a diversified industry experiences that will help you navigate an increasingly complex business landscape.

  • Business Valuation Service
  • Corporate Development Advisory
  • Merger Integration Advisory
  • Selling businesses
  • Buying a business
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuing businesses and intangible assets for a comprehensive list of needs
  • Business planning and financial modeling

Workshop Strategic thinking and innovation

Provides managers and practitioners with a comprehensive view of the functional areas of the organization with a strategic approach. It allows them to develop leadership skills, enhance negotiation skills, presentation and decision making skills that enhance personal manager today in order to develop an innovative approach that enhances the development of new business models and enhance competitive Vision Global and strategic company and identify key strategic market for the future

Creativity Workshop for improving business competitiveness

Designed to improve productivity and competitiveness of your business, using the most appropriate tools and techniques and successful to achieve its objectives by promoting actions to enhance and promote the creative spirit in organizations for the development of new products, processes and services and to improve existing ones, in order to meet the needs of customers, both external and internal and establish methods and tools to identify, model and define organizational processes in order to ensure effective and efficient management .

Workshop on Strategic Alignment and change management

Develop and implement a strategy and evaluation of resistance to change before, during and after the process of change, with workers can realize the importance of their work and committed to their work, develop methodologies to achieve strategy change management, internalized by all members of the organization with the decisions taken at all levels, dynamic knowledge of business strategy, motivation and sense of belonging, to allow today’s organizations to ensure more success of any change process

Workshop Efficiency in managing organizational change

Provide participants with a methodology to design and implement change in their organizations and facilitate awareness of the importance of change, to turn it into an opportunity to create a proactive behavior and human talent in organizations, recognizing the importance change as a necessity within organizations and in his person, identify the elements that influence for a change, present a model for change management and implementation tools for implementing change.

Workshop on Family Business Management and Government

Provides fundamental concepts related to the management and direction of family businesses, and the various processes and tools to efficiently conduct these companies. management tools in order to professionalize family business members and install the importance of succession planning through consensus agreements between family members and the company, and provides a forum for exchange for business founders and members family currently performing functions of management and leadership, promoting reflection on the various challenges facing family businesses and creating a deeper dialogue on possible avenues for growth and development.

Workshop training management consultants

It provides a learning experience facilitating the identification of business opportunities as it combines the best practice approach and the study of practical tools for immediate application in the management of their projects, as well as the knowledge needed to develop and apply the skills acquired for the development of the organization’s internal processes for project management, is a rigorous academic and formal workshop, which will take participants from the basics to advanced tools for project planning and control.

Management Development Workshop for Public Administration

The course develops the innovative aspects of modern management science, applied to the context of the current Public Management, where public management becomes a challenge, a challenge, compared to traditional management, with a focus on improving the skills of authorities, officials and professionals, related to public administration, in its various areas, national, regional and local authorities to improve leadership skills in the public service so that from management positions, to coordinate successful institutional policies to create synergies to achieve the attainment of Government goals